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This is smoveyPOWER!

smoveyPOWER is a dynamic development based on the
smoveyCLASSIC that is especially suited to running and weight training.

It was especially designed for professional sport and fitness people as there is weight training and vibration therapy going on at the same time.

Intensive muscle building and increased fat loss cause a perfect Body shaping – through the power of momentum and vibration! smoveyPOWER fitness – endurance, condition & Coordination training for highest demands!

The smoveyPOWER is an oscillating ring system that consists of 4 or 6 steel balls (depending on the model) and a handle system that permits propulsion of the balls through the entire length of the tube.Moving the rings forwards, backwards or in a circular formation prompts the steel balls to move as free mass generating the vibration that is typical of Smovey by way of their rolling motion across the grooves and ridges of the spiral.

A box contains:

1 pair of smoveyPOWER black/green , Training DVD, Testimonials Brochure, smoveyFACTS, smoveyBOOKLET