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smovey neuroVIBE

smovey neuroVIBE are characterized by the particularly intensive vibration and the soft damping elements, which make the rings particularly suitable for short, intensive units of movement. Disabled people also have a reliable device here, which activates the nervous system in a variety of ways and promotes the muscles and the musculoskeletal system.

Due to the different sizes, the requirements and needs of the users can be explicitly addressed and there is exactly the right model available for everyone: for support in the area of health prevention through movement for both children and adults, for training in water, for special purposes.

What makes this series so special?

All smovey neuroVIBE models are equipped with the unique soft cushioning system. As the rings swing, the balls soften as you reverse the swing motion spring back and can hardly bump into anything with average force. The specific properties of the hose (hardness, grooves, thickness, etc.) ensure an even more intense vibration, which stimulates the nervous system even more and makes the effects on the nervous system and musculoskeletal system even more noticeable.

smovey neuroVIBE Function

smovey neuroVIBE is an oscillating ring system consisting of a spiral tube, 3 or 4 steel balls (depending on the model) soft damping elements and 2 handle systems. Oscillation of the rings forwards, backwards or in a circular formation prompts the steel balls to move as free mass, generating the vibration that is typical of smovey by way of their rolling motion across the grooves and ridges of the spiral. This vibration, which occurs within a frequency range that is in consonance with the human organism, is immediately palpable in the palms of the hands.