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Neurologic Benefits

Parkinsons is a complex motorical disorder caused by an obstruction in the part of the motor nervous system that is responsible for background movements such as gestures and facial expressions. This system also controls repetitive movements, as needed for walking.

We still go on fours, swinging counter synchronious with the arms. This resonance is reduced unilaterally when beeing affected by Parkinsons. This leads to a destabilization of the entire body and to a failure in the symmetry of movement and the body axis. Through regular exercise with the smovey the uniform resonance of the arms is trained and thus leads to an induced stabilization.

Normally people do all of our manual work in a small physical area of about 60 cm wide, which usualy is just in front of our body, hardly ever reaching a high above horizontal or above. Since we are not in the maximum position the joints allow, the joint capsules begin to shrink and freedom of movement is further decreased. By swinging into the maximum allowed joint position your body is able to improved its freedom of movement rapidly. This is usualy practiced concerning all three spatial axis of movement.

A cardinal symptom of Parkinsons is twitching. In practice it has been found that the the passage of four balls in a corrugated tube lead to a vibration of about 60 Hz  a frequency that is somewhat natural to our organism. People suffering from Parkinson’s report, that this leads to a significant decrease of twitching.

Since it is the “axial symptoms” of Parkinson’s like latitude, change of direction, lie down and roll over in bed, that are seldom positively influenced by medication, regular training with the “magic rings” have an essential importance. The principle applies to ALL neurological diseases associated with a movement disorder. Concerning Parkinsons disease and failure of background movement, smovey

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