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ION Gut Support Supplement improves Immune Function and Metabolism.

What is ION? ION* is a blend of humic extract and purified water.

Of course, this begs the question, “what is humic extract”? This is where things get a little more complex.

It starts with ancient, 60-million-year-old soil made up of naturally occurring bacterial metabolites (not bacteria). These metabolites are the breakdown products from the bacterial digestion of plants and animals at this particularly rich and diverse time in natural history.

These bacterial metabolites mix with naturally occurring trace minerals to create something like an ancient compost pile made up of largely two categories of molecules – humates and fulvates. Both fulvates and humates are molecularly diverse carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen-rich molecules (representing 1000’s of different structures!) that support plant and human life.

The humate molecules, however, are much larger than the fulvate (anywhere from 10x-100x larger). Though they perform an invaluable service in our soil, they aren’t as suited as the smaller fulvate molecules to support human health at the cellular level. It’s the fulvate molecule that lies at the heart of ION* science.